Bittersweet Anniversary.

These past few days have been very strange for me, and emotionally I’m not quite sure where I am.

The 17th of April was the 1st anniversary of the first time I went into remission, and I felt like I ‘should’ be doing something with that day. Had I not relapsed we would have hugely celebrated the day, because of the significance. I’ll definitely be celebrating my ‘remissonavesary’ on New Year’s Eve, but what about that day? I’ll probably never know what to do with April 17th again.

The 17th was meant to be a day of celebration, so when it its previous significance is made null and void, what am I to do with the day. Maybe this is how divorcees see their wedding anniversaries!

Thankfully, at the moment I am well, so at least I haven’t spend these days ill. I am nearing 4 months in remission, and am almost 12 weeks post-transplant, so I have a lotto celebrate. I am eternally thankful to be regaining my health, despite my confused emotions recently. A dear friend, who I met through hospital passed away earlier in the week, so that has weighed heavily on me. So much of the time in this cancer journey I forget that getting better isn’t a guarantee, that we’re not just sick kids waiting to recover. I forget that we lose people, wonderful smart people and that remembering, that loss is so hard, on everyone involved.

So that’s the bitter of the past few days…the sweet?

RemissionPossible has been up-and-running for a YEAR!!!

I feel I have something to do in this blog, tips to share, a world to uncover, awareness to raise and a general feeling I can somehow serve this reluctant community. I’m not blowing off what I’ve said above, by continuing onto a different topic, but doing what always want to, in spreading positivity and (hopefully) some light humour.

I honestly cannot believe it has been that long! I can honestly say it doesn’t feel like that been a year, it still feels like this bright, new ‘thing’ I’m working on…. Perhaps I have a blogging duty now, my game needs to be upped. I’m no newbie any more.

I really do hope that writing these blogs and creating this platform is making some sort of difference.

Speaking of what I’m doing, and trying to make an impact doing- Our Annual Afternoon Tea is next Saturday 25th April in Llanyrafon Methodist Church in Cwmbran, starting at 2.30pm. It was a great day last year, and we still have some tickets, so if you fancy eating cake AND feeling good about it please come along! Tickets are £7.50 each and the money raised will go to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. If you fancy coming, you can reserve tickets through our Facebook / Twitter pages.

This is only a short blog today, I felt I wanted to say something on this date, the significance both good and bad of this week, but in writing haven’t really had any idea how to put it into words.

I hope you’re all well, Keep Smiling,



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  1. I haven’t reached anything that’s been defined as rmission yet, but I suspect my first post-radiotherapy MRI will be good news since the post chemo one showed things looked good, so fingers crossed. Talking of anniversaries though it was the 29th anniversary since I lost a good friend and school classmate who died age 13 from leukaemia way back then. It’s anazing and encouraging how medicines have progressed in the fight against cancers, especially these kinds of blood cancer and your afternoon tea on the 25th will be great to support that fight against leukemia and lymphomas. I’m happy to say I’ll be there with my parents and a couple of friends and we’re all looking forward to coming! I’m very glad to have found the remission possible blog and FB because you always have nice positive thoughts to share Emily, thanks 🙂 (PS I think Saturday is the 25th but it’s showing as the 26th in this post)



    Dear Emily,

    Your words about anniversaries are profoundly true, sometimes we “know” they’re there and choose not to celebrate anymore, for a variety of reasons, none of them necessarily bad. Please keep getting stronger, it’s fab that you’ve got a fund raiser coming up and we all wish you well; keep blogging. Andrew, Emily and Lucy. xxx


  3. I’m glad that you’re doing so well. I’m glad that you’re also raising awareness of the fact that not only does your own illness and treatment journey impact you, but you are also significantly impacted by those, also on this journey, whom you’ve loved – and sometimes lost – along the way. ❤️


  4. Dear Emily – you have put it into words beautifully and it is strange but remission can be emotional too. You write so well and perhaps you should consider writing a book as you have already made an impact on people’s lives just by your perseverance and faith to get well. Keep smiling and seize the day now be happy. Eileen x


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