Hopes for 2015…

As the hours tick down on the 31st of December social media fills up with people bidding farewell to the past year, and sharing photos. You can scroll and read how everyone’s years have been full of hard times and what they are liking forward to in the next year, or hear how this year has been amazing, incredible and their hopes that this coming year will surpass the one before, however seemingly difficult it may be.

The blog post I put up last night looked back at 2014 and my first year living with cancer, because despite all, it has been a good year. I’ve done a lot

2014 was a hard hard year. It started with me being a newly diagnosed cancer patient and it has seen me go through treatment, beat cancer, go back to school, do lots of speaking and relapse. It has also seen me do something I was planning for next year! (Keep reading)

So let’s look forward.

Here’s my hopes and dreams for 2015.

  1. Go into Remission/ be cancer free.

As I’ve been planning out this post, of course beating my cancer was first priority! It no longer is a hope for 2015 however, because after having a scan yesterday I found out I AM CANCER FREE!!!!!


Isn’t that just the best thing for going into the New Year? My main wish for the coming year has been accomplished before I’ve even reached that time.

So I have a new first wish.

1. Stay in Remission.

An obvious priority now that I am in remission is to stay there, and I am having the Bone Marrow transplant for that reason. Staying in remission means getting on with life, having a bright future and years of happiness to come. (And it isn’t a wish, it is a certainty, not to science but to myself)

2. Help to increase numbers on the Stem Cell Registries.

Though all of the details for my bone marrow donor haven’t been confirmed yet, I do know that there isn’t anyone on the registers that is a full match for me. I fortunately have a backup cord donor and potentially near match, but this isn’t good enough. I shouldn’t  be having to settle. There needs to be more people o the registers and I am determined to help Yaser Martini and Team Margot reach the target of 4% of the UK being registered to be a donor. If the donor numbers were to increase to this level, thousands of lives could be saved in years to come.

3. Have a good year.

Not very explanatory I know, but I just want to have a good year in ways that years are normally good. I want to spend time with friends, have fun, and go to school and just enjoy living a real life. I’m so ready to be done living a half-life, tied up in red tape and unwanted responsibilities.

4. This to be a year of change.

I want to make an impact that will translate to real life, whether that be getting people to sign up (as above) or fundraising for equipment, fundraising for research, giving hope. I want 2015 to be a year that is noted for big change in the cancer community.


My biggest wish is for myself to be well, as noted^ but I have so much hope for others I know. I dream/wish/hope is that all those who I have met along this journey who have also been touched by cancer also continue to thrive, live life get better and stay better. I love the friends and connections I have made through this illness and I hold those relationships as one of the most important things I have.

This is just a quick post to hail the New Year in, by no means my best work and nowhere near my full list of hopes for this coming year. I wasn’t expecting to hear my scan results today, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the result to be so good my consultant rang me at home- so I am rather frazzled and scatter-brained. Today may have messed with a Hopes for 2015 blog, but this news….this news has given me REAL hope for 2015. There is so much I hope to achieve, this is the bare bones of it.

I hope you all have a VERY happy new year!


Keep Smiling (I’m beaming today!)



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    Happy New Year Emily, lots of love from myself and my two little girls, Emily and Lucy – waiting to hear back from “delete” if I can be a match for someone, fingers crossed. You are an inspiration; never met you but we are so proud of you; keep smiling hun. Andrew. XXX


  2. What fantastic news to hail in the new year! Very best wishes to you and your family for a bright, happy and healthy 2015 xxx


  3. abbie wightwick

    Happy New year Emily


  4. Angela Smerkinic

    Happy new year emily


  5. Well done Emily , you should be so proud of yourself xx


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