Back to School and Bucket Collect


So this isn’t exactly a blog….because I wrote a guest blog for Chris’ Cancer Community!

It’s kind of about how cancer affects education, and kind of about this back to school season (even though it’s now the 3rd week of school!) you can read it here-

(But first check out the rest of what’s been written!)

Over the course of writing this blog, I have had views from many different countries, something which greatly excites me! I can officially say that RemissionPossible has been viewed in all of the inhabited continents, and this blog is dedicated to all of you, my non-UK, international readers!

I would love to hear from you, where you’re from, and how you got to hearing about this blog. The thought that, as a teenage from little ol’ wales I might be known, by and affect people from Brazil, Taiwan, India, and Belgium….just to name a few

We are now half way through Blood cancer, a childhood Cancer awareness month….meaning that today is World Lymphoma Day, and the beginning of Lymphoma Awareness Week. Most of you reading this blog will know that Lymphoma is the type of cancer that had, but do you know that as a whole it is the most common type of cancer found in 16-24 year olds. Usually people my age will have the Hodgkin type Lymphoma (if any) but what I had, Non-Hodgkin, Burkitts type is fairly rare and the usual patient is a 64 year old man! I hope you’ll all agree I am anything but an elderly man! In all seriousness though, Lymphoma is a serious thing, yet can generally be easily treated if caught early enough, so here’s a handy little pic of all of the symptoms of lymphoma to be aware of. Let’s all spare a thought for all our lymphoma fighters today whether they be previous patients, no longer with us, or fighting on- I give you all the love in the world!


In other RemissionPossible news, we participated in the nationwide Small Change Big Impact campaign to bucket collect for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. This happened in Sainsbury’s in Newport and we raised a grand total of £410.15 in just 6 hours!  Pretty good huh?

That’s it for right now! Check out that guest blog at and let me know where YOU are from!

Much love, keep smiling!


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