Me & the CLIC Sargent Music Resedential

This week its rather a bit more of a ‘me’ blog, though it does seem such a while since I wrote that blog about results day, and I have been up to a lot since then! By the way I also hope that everyone picking up their results were happy with them!

So what have I been up to since then?

Well I spent the beginning of this week from Monday to Thursday, at a music residential run by Clic Sargent. It was held in Stonar School, a boarding school near Bath (posh right?)

Now, for lack of more words and sophisticated description …..It was AMAZING!!!

I honestly cannot describe what an awesome time I had… but for the sake of this weeks blog I will attempt to do so!

So where to start? All you guys who came with me (if you’re reading this will totally agree everything was amaing.) Anyways,  got invited to go through some online questionnaire I had filled in months and months ago, and meant I was eligible to come on the trip. Unlike my usual self I was actually pretty scared to be going as I knew I would be sharing wt. someone didn’t know and I find playing/preforming musically really nerve-wracking so was really scared that  was going to end up a loner, unable to play any of them music, with an odd roommate!

Me and some of the gang!

Some of the gang!

Apart from these thing above, I was kind of anxious, because I’d never been on a residential for people who’d had cancer before, and I was kinda scared it would be a bit fault in our stars-ish (which by the way I was totally underwhelmed by, however that is an issue for another day…) with us all sat round in an arranged let’s-all-chat-about-cancer sort of thing. Like, I quite like talking about my cancer travels, as i’m sure you’ve all realised through this blog, but I didn’t want to feel like I’d been shipped off to group therapy or something.

FORTUNATLY none of these things we a worry, and I had so so so much fun. My roommate was crazy (sorry Rosa) but in an awesome, just like me kinda way, and had we all not chatted about it voluntarily, it could have easily been a residential for anyone, not just those with previously genetically mutated cells.

Now, stop mentally shouting “What did you actually do there?!?!?!?!” I’m getting to that 🙂


Before setting off on a bit of random blues…

We sat around and play music, we did random crazy blues improvisations that could have lasted forever, we open mic’ed, we did ‘spy’ rolls on children’s play equipment, and had bacon stolen from us.

We had rooms with strange desk barriers in the middle, some of the bizarrest food in the world and some of the best open mic performances I’ve ever seen.

We jammed outside after midnight until we felt our feet were going to fall off, we ate rich tea biscuits with Nutella, we listened to an amazing Arnold Schwartsneggar song, and I played an incredible triangle solo.

We were plagued by Rosa on the recorder, we drew a beard on Amy, we tried star gazing, we listened to goats in music videos (remember them?) until ridiculous time in the morning and were the victims of many magic tricks.

I had some musical firsts , like playing a jig in a folk group, singing open mic (on my own) and  just the spontaneous improvisation (there were numerous) were just totally new to me, though the one with my triangle/ percussion playing was definitely the best!

Titanic Reenactment!

Titanic Reenactment!

I learnt an incredible amount about my instrument, cello and met some musicians whose talent blew my socks off! (ever seen anyone alternate between violin and piano playing in a song?)

The few days had some highlights like doing the vocal workshop with members of London Contempory Voices, which was incredible- doing all of the funny warm ups, and then singing ‘Lean on Me-Then band pieces, playing ‘One Day Like This’ and ‘Stand By Me’ all through the few days, culminating in a performance to all of the French kids. Having 70 French teens shout ENCORE at you is slightly surreal, and not something I’ve experienced before, and probably won’t again.

So I had an ace time, that I’m sure you’ve gathered by now. However despite all of the funny times, the best thing, the BEST thing was all of the people. I haven’t got enough superlatives to describe everyone I met and am now great friends with. They made it definitely!

Some of it was nerve-wracking, some of it was hard work, some of it side splittingly funny, and all of it (except the pasta) enjoyable, so Clic Sargent, Phil- thanks for having me and I hope to be able to go again!

Perhaps you can tell- I’ve had an amazing week, and would recommend it to any teen having been through similar circumstances.

This blog may have been incredibly boring to some, but for me, full of hilarious memories 🙂 I haven’t got any footage of the 3 days yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do!

Until next time, keep smiling!


Just before the concert!

Just before the concert!

PS: now I know this isn’t Brieing very mature (had to slip in a cheese joke!) but if you need cheering up, watch this. Please.

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