My News and on the News

This is all about what has gone on in the last week.
For ease of reading this is the contents of the blog….like a book!
1. Being in a Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research focus group
2. Delivering a gift box…and clinic
3. Being on the news!
4. Volunteering for Look Good Feel Better
5. A RemissionPossible Film
So this is once again a bit of a newsy type blog, because of all the stuff that I’ve been up to this week, and just general developments.

These events are listed as they happen this week in chronological order.
1. Being in a leukaemia & Lymphoma research focus group.
This is something I got involved in this week, as a part of a research project of LLR (Leukaemia and Lymphoma) into their aim to reach out to patients in a human way, as well as in a clinical research way. This focus group looked at how a group of us as patients we felt during our treatment, and whether there were any facilities both information and in there resources that we felt we were deprived of/would have helped during the treatment. There were three ex-patients there, and it was interesting to hear about there stories, as well as hearing the similarities in what would have benefitted us. There’s not a massively interesting amount of stuff to say in this section except I hope I’ve helped. I love the way LLR are looking to do other things aside from research!

2. Delivering a gift box…and clinic.
So I delivered another gift box this week- it was given as a small version of the diagnosis gift boxes to a friend who is currently having a transplant, and just generally is very deserving I feel of receiving a box! It included some goodies like an earwarmer Dermalogica skincare products, a book and useful items like a Hickman line holder! I hope that in the near future we will be able to give out more similar boxes. If you are interested in gifting a box to someone, please contact us to arrange

3. Being on the news
Another pretty cool thing that has havened this week is that I was on the welsh news! Pretty cool me ‘thinks! It was a really nice piece, and highlighted a lot about the blog, and what we want to do as far as the project is concerned-hopefully it opens up some more doors!
Here’s the link to watch the piece on ITV catch up!

4. Volunteering for Look Good Feel Better
This is what I consider to be one on the biggest actual things that I have been up to this week is volunteering at the ‘On the Road’ event for Look Good Feel Better, in order to try raise awareness of them during their 20th year.

Me and the LGFB wind and rain!

Me and the LGFB girls…in wind and rain!

One thing I will always remember about being in Cardiff, handing out leaflets (apart from the torrential rain! We stood out through Hurricane Bertha) was the fact we spoke with a lady who a been recently diagnosed, and hadn’t heard of LGFB, and perhaps if not for today, wouldn’t of heard of LGFB. Hopefully she will be able to access the service and be helped by it! As well as standing out with the touring van, I chatted to Ian, the fundraising manager about their new project involving teen’s and how they can get involved in the charity, and benefit more teenagers. They’re making an APP! How cool- and they wanted my input on how to work the format of it. I’m incredibly excited about getting involved and getting this launched, as it will b a teenage equivalent of the adult confidence kit, and it will allow teens who either weren’t offered a session, or can’t get to one the chance to learn the makeup stuff you can at a session, and hopefully help with self-esteem, image etc.

5. Film

My final thing, the short film I was making in collaboration with Rebecca Domino is complete (in English and Italian!) Here’s the English version below.

Perhaps I’ve been too brief in talking about what I’ve been up to, but I wanted to get this blog written nice and quickly so that it goes out this week- there’ll be another blog up again fairly quickly on topic by about the middle of the week…so why -0-not read check out the interview, the information film and keep your eyes peeled for what we’re up to.
In the next week we’re going to be looking at venues for the Ladies Night!
As always, send us a message, get in contact.
Keep Smiling!
Em x


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