Me in Southampton, You Saving Lives


Hi there!

Sorry for my recent silence, I’m sure you were all incredibly disappointed to have a blog to red last week, but I have been elsewhere!

I have much to talk to you all about as a result!

First of all, the reason I didn’t blog last week was because I went to

Me holding a starfish!

Me holding a starfish!

Southampton on a university summer school, run by the oil company BG group. To put it frankly… was amazing!

I was doing a marine course, and though I’m not looking at doing it as a career, it was incredibly interesting and was just the most incredible opportunity t have what with some of the things we did!

I got to go on a boat which is worth over 1 MILLION pounds and sail around Southampton Water, doing scientific measurements, I got to look at plankton under a microscope….though perhaps most importantly (jokes!) was the fact we got to go Laser Quest (yay!)

Seriously though it was amazing, the guy who was running the marine element, Dr Simon Boxall was one of the top experts from the MH370 plane disappearance it blew my mind that one of the world’s leading Oceanographers was doing this programme with us. I met some awesome people there, and had totally great fun.

Also about me going to uni, who out there has done a gap year? I am particularly interested in people who have done TEFL.

My travels aside, there are some many people looking for Bone marrow (stem cell) matches1405371198148

  1. Match4Emma -This to me is just horrifying that another little girl is having to desperately search for a donor. What makes this case sickening to me is that Emma and her family have been searching since 2012. Two thousand and TWELVE. Two YEARS searching. Isn’t that horrifying? Imagine spending two years of your life waiting, waiting for a lifesaver Imagine waiting two years, thinking that a donor may not come, or come too late. This little girl desperately needs a transplant. She is only 6 years old. The campaign can be viewed at or with @match4emma on twitter.

2. SaveRiyaNow- This is 21 year old woman, who should be living it up after all aren’t your early twenties meant to be the best years of your life? Instead of his, Riya is battling a rare form of Lymphoma. Due to her Asian heritage, her chances of finding a match are GREATLY reduced. Dr’s have given10410173_489879357808905_9010291232026213044_n 10488116_489879354475572_4181808901223244523_n her a 6% chance of getting a match and surviving. Could YOU be that lifesaver? Her campaign can be viewed at @saveriyanow

THIS is why I am once again urging to sign up to the stem cell register. These are just two of those looking for matches. With around 1,800 people needing a transplant every year, they are just two of the many needing donors every day.

I really can’t say I enough. No mater how much I say it, I will never be able to convey in text how much signing up could mean to me, and how much it would mean to someone looking for a donor

In other news, RemissionPossible has been invited to blog on HuffPost, the HuffingtonPost blogging platform, and to get involved with fixers! I am also going to be on ITV news Wales after doing an interview. I don’t know when that will be aired…

I’m enjoying the cheesy brilliance of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, so I’ll sign off here!

keep Smiling!

Em x


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