Blog 10- The Italian Job.

I’ve had a busy week as usual this week! (yes I am aware I say that most blogs!)

It hasn’t been the MOST productive week al round ,but despite that I’ve gotten plenty done!

Personally, I’ve done a lot of stuff that was ‘normal for me pre-cancer. I’ve been to a 18th birthday party, spent all week in school AND have done a concert with my music center! yaayyyy.

I love performing with all those guys and the small concert was perfect to set me up for singing in St Davids hall in Cardiff, then with national festival (Music for youth) in Birmingham……Exciting stuff, I’ve got a few jam packed weeks coming up. My choir hasn’t been invited to preform at national festival before, so it’s a great opportunity- I’m just glad I’ll be able to preform with them in Symphony hall!

There’s no real topic to this blog, just bits and pieces but I think I’ll be doing one on hairloss, Hospital food, and probably Hickman lines soon. If you want a particular topic say, or vote to help me decide which of these is my priority….. Just give us shout!

Now onto more RemissionPossible style stuff…

What has my aimless blabbering got to do with the Italian job? Well, my latest collaboration!

I have been working with Rebecca Domino from Italy, an author and journalist who’s trying to change the way of Italian perceptions on teenage cancer. In her research for writing a book she discovered the difference in attitudes to and facilities for teens with cancer. We have discussed the difference in provisions for those like m in her country and as a result she has launched ‘Adolescenti e cancro’ (teens and cancer) to change things in her country. Our collaboration at the moment is focussing on links between RemissonPossible and Adolesceni e Cancro to try and help both projects to do well ,and to generally help teens in Italy.I am currently in the process of making two slideshow filmy things, produced in Italian and English that will talk about my story and how it has compelled me to set up this website and project.

It should be made by the end if next week so keep your eyes peeled peeps!

Possibly or most exciting news of the week is the gift box project progress!

An information box.

An information box.

The skincare brand Dermalogica have confirmed they will supply the giftboxes with some products from their Ultracalm range of products which they specially recommended after my request. Dermalogica say that the Ultracalm range ill be idea for skin that will be sensitive due to chemo….I am honestly so so so excited about it all. We also have donations from the beauty company Lush in the pipeline.

 This means that as well as being able to request an information box, you will now be able to request a gift box!

 To find out more on what a information/gift box contains look here!!

I now have two big shout outs to make…..

Number one is to Pauline (you know who you are) for the incredible number of knitted earwarmers you have made for us….We love you! Of course we love all of our

Just a small selection of some of the earwarmers Pauline has made

Just a small selection of some of the earwarmers Pauline has made

earwarmer-makers, but Pauline is awesome- She’s donated LOADS!👸

Number two is to Jade who was a very good friend during my treatment (and now!) We sent many an evening moaning about hospital food, drinking cups of tea and trying to manipulate hospital curtains to lets us talk. Well, this week she had a stem cell transplant, with her sister as a donor! I wish her a speedy recovery, and hope you all do too! She’s a top girl who really got me through my treatment!

Though it isn’t lucky in the slightest to need a stem cell transplant, Jade WAS lucky in the respect that her sister was a match.

Many people needing transplants haven’t got a family match. YOU could be that match. Sign up today at (16-30yr olds) or at (18-55yr olds)

That’s all I’ve got to say really! in summary,

chat to us about gift boxes, sign up to be a stem cell donor, donate products, say hi!

Lots of love, Keep smiling,😤  ☑☑☑

Em x




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  1. Great project and commitment to achieving better knowledge about cancer and the chances of recovery! I would have dealt much better with the diagnosis, if I knew more about the treatment than the “horror stories” you get to hear quite often (it wasn’t really fun but saved my life and that’s what matters in the end). Good luck with all your plans, better don’t overdo it and think of yourself from time to time.
    Best wishes from Germany… Rina


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