Blog 7- Trekfest and Gift Boxes


Hey all!

How’s you all doing? Busy busy like me I hope.

Bit of general update on all that were up to , and news about a fundraising event for Teenage cancer Trust- that is this weekend! Totally like me to have left telling everyone about this event, but heigh ho!
The event is the Trekfest in Brecon, happening this weekend, the 7th-8th of june.

Now most importantly…. What is Trekfest?

-It is a 54mile (!) walk that is done over 24 hours. And when I say 24 hours, I totally mean that! No breaks, the guys and gals doing this will be walking around the clock from Saturday through sunday, in the aim of walking the 54 miles, and all to raise some dosh for awesome charities.

I am not doing the walk myself, you should all be glad to hear, but we are linked with four guys who are! I am totally impressed by what they are doing, I know I personally really struggled when walked 18 miles over 2 days with a good nights sleep, so just imagine 54 miles, in 24 hours WITH NO SLEEP!

The guys doing it are William Fortt, Will Marfell, Iain Thomas, Keiran Kelly, Rob Hann & Paul Poole, who work at Laing O’Rouke.

With only a few days to go until the big challenge, if you are impressed by what these guys are goimg to do… sponsor them!

They are urging people to give up their morning coffee or cafe cake for one day and donate the money they would have spent….. so GO ON. Afterall, while you’re tucked up on the sofa watching Britain’s Got Talent this saturday, they’ll be out trekking through the welsh valleys!


or You can give hassle free via text, by texting – LORW69 and £amount to 70070

These guys really deserve to hit they’re target before they head off on Saturday. I guess by reading this blog many of you wll know the good a donation to do, but to put it into perspective

£25 pays for a specialist nurse for one hour to help treat, and be there for a teenager with cancer.

Please give as much or as little as you can, just consider donating.

Check out for more information.


In other Emily/RemissionPossible news!

Last Saturday, I sent out my first gift box! It was for the friend of my cousin who’s little girl was recently diagnosed for leukaemia. Though the idea behind the gift boxes is to be for Teenagers, we have now decided to make two categories of boxes, information and gift boxes, inspire by my cousin asking what would be a nice gift to send the little girl.

Though our gift box work will be primarily in TCT Cardiff, we will do teenage gift boxes and information boxes (for any age) on request. These can be sent to anywhere in the country and all we will ask in return is a small donation to fund postage, and to go towards the making of more gift boxes. We hope to get a lot of the items donated as with our current plans, the retail value of the boxes will be quite high, but there will still be some costs.

Our First Box!

Our First Box!

The contents of the teenage gift boxes is still under development, but the information boxes will contain relevant leaflets to age, diagnosis and treatment aswell as an earwarmer or hat!

We LOVE earwarmers and hats!

If you are interested in getting a box to someone you know, contact us!

Other news….

Represented TCT at the Mayor of Newport’s charity panel, which was very exciting.

Lastly and MOST DEFINITELY not least, I had clinic today and I am still in Remission!


SO on that happy note, I say have a nice week, donate to these awesome blokes sacrificing their sunday lie in (and night’s sleep) and share us about.

Keep Smiling!


PS. We love getting feedback

PSS. Following a recent incident, if you are a member of the press or media, please do not take images or content and pass them off as your own. Thanks 🙂



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  1. Thanks Emily. My friend was absolutely thrilled with the gift box. It was the most practical and thoughtful gift she received. Such a fab idea xx


  2. Will Marfell

    Thanks for promoting our event on your blog. Sponsorship had finally started to come in now, we had to raise our target from £1000 to £2000 today as we reached the first target earlier today. Presently we are at £1400+ we are aiming to reach our target before the event.
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