Blog 6 – Hannah’s appeal

Hi all!

How’s everyone’s week been…..busy busy busy for me!

For a start, as I told you in the last blog, I sat two AS level exams last week, on wednesday and thursday. Everyone I’ve told about doing exams thinks I’m crazy…..maybe I am, but heigh ho, craziness is the best!

Next order of business, my newfound welsh media stardom! Yesterday, as I assume many of you reading this will have seen there was an article on me in WalesOnline, and in the Western mail ( It kinda was an article about me, my cancer journey, and what I want to do with you all as a part of RemissionPossible. I was totally AMAZED by the articles response! One of the admins informed me that my article was the most read all day- aprox a whopping 24.5 THOUSAND VIEWS. According to an email we received, I was TRENDING!!!!

WOWZA!Screenshot (38)-1

The article also had 1615 social media shares! Who knows how many people my story reached….

Still a bit boggled to be honest!

So if you’re reading this, and it’s your first time reading my blog, don’t be baffled by my craazy writing style-share it with your friends, and follow us. Actually, even if you’ve followed me since day 1, share this!!!

Now onto the main topic of today…..Hannah’s holiday home appeal. While my virtual self was busy taking the welsh media by a storm (!) I was fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday near the Coast, courtesy of Hannah’s Holiday Home appeal.

Hannah’s Holiday home appeal is a charity that fundraises to provide holiday for families whose children have been affected by cancer. They own two incredible caravans in Oakdeen holiday park and Hayling Island. Though I can only speak for the caravan I stayed in, they are possibly one of the most luxurious places I have ever stayed…..yes, I am talking about a caravan!

Hannah, the namesake of the appeal sadly passed away at the age of 10 in 2004 after having Hodgkins Lymphoma. It’s an absolute credit to her for dreaming up the holiday home idea, and to her family for the work they have done. So many of you probably don’t see the significance of a short weekend away in a caravan, but it was SO amazing. We all had proper family time together again. It really is seemingly impossible to thank Pam (Hannahs mum) as much as we want!

In all seriousness it was a pretty emotional weekend, in the main because there was a picture of Hannah on the fireplace and several scrapbooks detailing her journey, aswell as a visitors log. The visitors book was the only condition of staying in the caravan- leave a message in the visitors book before you leave. The book was full of peoples accounts of their holidays in Oakdeen, from all the way back when the caravan was first opened!20140526_094124

As I said before, it really is so hard to put into words what that holiday home being made available meant to us.

The best I can do, is just ask you to think how much your holidays mean to you, how much fun they are, how much of a break they are and how they are always looked forward to. So so so many families with children who have cancer, see holidays as a nice thought, but an unrealistic hope, especially while that child is on treatment. After all holidaying usually requires the ability to travel,  time to plan and most fundamentally the funds to pay. Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal provides the opportunity to holiday, without all of these stresses.

Check out their website

So the other thing I have that’s worth talking about is the progress I have made…… we now have 4 people who have joined the Stem Cell register, to become potential lifesavers!! Why don’t you join them by signing up with or ? If you have signed up….or are considering tell us! We want to congratulate and  persuade! The importance of having stem cell donors has never been so prominent, what with the #shake4mike campaign

New blog will be up soon, got a busy week ahead of Remission Possible stuff now exams are over!

Keep Smiling guys! (and share this blog EVERYWHERE)

Em xx


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  1. Poppy Clough

    Hello Emily, i have just shared the article. Me my mum and Tabitha are very glad that you are well again. Hope you and the family are well 😀 Sent from Huawei Mobile


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