Blog 4- A great start to school day.

Hey all!
Had a pretty good time since last blog- no more rumbling appendix thankfully!
I’ve been on mini break! (Exciting, I know!) Me and mum went to the Vale hotel in Cardiff for a bit of a treat!
The video below is a bit of an updatey thing I made from the BALCONY of my room. Yes, you should all be jealous. Take a peep….if you haven’t already watched it!

So since then (which was only this morning) I’ve been into my school, to sort out going back!!!! Was kinda weird to be there, but now I’ve had the meeting with school and I’m going in tomorrow for the afternoon. …..just need to find my tie now 😄
Went home for a nap (I’m such an old lady) then I’m back out to go to choir! Love it! That’s why it’s such a great start to a school day- went in at 11 having had a night in a hotel. Quite sure it won’t happen again, but here’s to hoping!

Though must be said when I am going to fit revision in I don’t know!

In other news, I had my Hickman line out on Friday! Massive relief and it’s good not to wake up in the middle of the night with your tubes digging you! Although I am still stained orange, from all the cleaning fluid (good ol’ NHS, minor surgery and fake tan job all in one 😉)

What did you all think of my hat hair?!?! Cool right? I have enough hair now for it to be messy! Something tells me that shouldn’t be something to celebrate, but it is.

This was a real slap job blog, without a real purpose- the next blog will be up by the weekend, and have a bit more of a serious issue. It’ll look at the pretty overwhelming effects that cancer have had, SINCE I’ve finished treatment, and how issues from treatment are only really starting to affect me now.

All that seriousness is for another day, so have a good evening, share the blog, give us feedback and do your thing.

Keep smiling 😤

Em xx


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  1. Helen Marfell

    So pleased you enjoyed your mini break, you and your mum deserved some time out together. Good luck for school tomorrow, although something tells me with all your enthusiasm and positivity you don’t need it! Enjoy being back. Xxx


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