Blog 2- More on my journey.

There I am, with my second post already!

Now, from looking at the data coming to me I can see that the page on this site getting the most traffic is the Em’s Story page, and because of this the topic of today’s blog is very much getting you all to know me a bit more.

I have two videos below, the first being a vlog I made on my very first night in hospital at the teenage cancer trust and the other being from Tuesday 22nd April 2014 (yesterday). I’ve never shared the first anywhere publicly before, and me, my mum and my sister watched it for the very first time on Sunday-though I filmed it in December, I never watched it. PLEASE WATCH BOTH VIDEOS!

So watch it ⤵ (I apologise for background music)

So that was then, and this video below is me now!⤵

I just want to say a massive thank you to the angels at Look Good Feel Better , I had an amazing time at my workshop. (I will be writing a blog post specifically about it!)

Check out the amazing work they do for women with cancer here –

Hope you all have a great week, keep smiling 😄

Em xx




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  1. Hey Em, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this but I wanted to say that you are so brave and amazing for creating this! I always had a thought that you would get into a project like this, I could see it in Food tech when you had a pen behind your ear and papers scattered everywhere! Business women from the start. If you ever wanted to see a different City, pop down to Bristol and we can have a long overdue coffee (or tea). Miss you and everyone else, best wishes Clarkie xx


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