Remission…..Day 1 and Blog 1


I’m in REMISSION!!! Simply amazing. It seems a great place to start the blog from, the 18th of April 2014, and my first full day officially cancer free!! It has been a long time coming, April seemed an absolute age away back in January-but I’ve made it!!!

The feeling running through me right now cannot be explained, not really. Just buzzing, for lack of a better word!

Through the support of my family, doctors, the Teenage Cancer trust and faith I’ve arrived at my own remission possible victory! And somehow, along the way we have managed to raise (and support raising) nearly £5000 and persuade one person who’s never donate before to give blood!! Rest assured everyone- THIS is just the start.20140417_191110

As the website says, as the starter-upper of RemissionPossible, I want to help get as many people as possible into remission, and back to living life, in whatever way our initiative can do that!

Happy birthday to my brother, happy remssionday for me yesterday and happy good Friday to you all!!

There will be more to come soon….

Keep Smiling,  and help spread this around,

-Em xx


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