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 We’re RemissionPossible and we want to get as many young cancer patients into Remission as possible by helping in anyway we can!

We were set up by a Cancer Survivor, 16 year old Emily. To hear more about her story and cancer journey, just wander over here

To see more about the RemissionPossible mission, take a chance and click What we do

Are you inspired?! Want to help, make a difference, help make RemissionPossible?  
Take a peek at Over to You!

Can you KNIT? and potentially make a massive difference to the gift box project?

These are just a few aspects of RemissionPossible….. spend as much time as you want here, then contact us, share us, love us when you’re done!


  1. You’re a beautiful girl! Respect, kisses & a hug from Belgium!


  2. hello yougn lad. I readed the news in a local newspaper on the web in the netherlands. We send u from here all the good luck and blesses.

    keep up to good work.


  3. You are an amazing young lady. Your story shows that getting a second opinion or your mums following her gut feelings can be so crucial at times. I wish you a happy and healthy life. May your God bless you. X


  4. You are a very beautiful and brave young lady.


  5. You are truly a gift to others Emily. Good luck with your website and the amazing goals you’ve set from all of us at Be Child Cancer Aware (BCCA)


  6. Well done Emily you are a true inspiration and we are so pleased you have done so well. With all our best wishes Ann David and Tom carter


  7. Emily, your vision is amazing! By doing what your doing you are helping, inspiring, highlighting, stirring up, encouraging, supporting, motivating and telling young people that they are not alone on their journey. Emily, you are reaching many people and I think this will be the start of something big! (if you and the family need any cake to keep you all going just give me a shout!) Are you going to take a vote on hair colour?! my vote goes for yellow! :-D keep shinning your light!


  8. You are such a beautiful person Em, inside and out and I consider myself lucky to know you and your wonderful family. Great website and I wish you all my love and best wishes for you and your fundraising in the future. You have certainly got off to a great start. Xxx


  9. So proud of you Emily. This website’s fantastic! Especially loving the ‘craft for cancer’… Can’t wait to join in that :) xxx


  10. Em the website is Absolutely brill so proud of you, all that you have and will go on to do. You are an inspiration to us all.
    Nicola Shaun & Luke x


  11. An angel


  12. Lily-May Bailey

    Well done Emily. Very inspirational It’s lovely to hear good news x


  13. Denise & Nick.

    To my beautiful Granddaughter so proud of you, my special girl. Grandma & Grandad.X


  14. Em, throughout all of this you have never failed to not only inspire but encourage so many people around you and this website is an illustration of this vision! I can honestly say you are the strongest person I know and I am so so happy to know you have come out with a smile!!! Love you Em! Xx


  15. Emily- your website is sooo inspirational. You are a great communicator & I wish you every blessing in your quest to help, encourage, support, raise awareness & fund raise for other peole. Your selfless attiude is amazing.
    Lots of love & prayers from Claire :-)


  16. Well done emily you have been so brave and are truely an inspiration to all ! I’m a very proud aunty!. X

    P.s only 24 more pints of blood to catch up to grandad. 😁


  17. I love you em 🙌


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