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 We’re RemissionPossible and we want to get as many young cancer patients into Remission as possible by helping in anyway we can!

We were set up by 17 year old Emily, a teen currently ‘fighting’ cancer for the second time and who has basically set this whole thing up. She has a passion for helping others, and wants YOU to join the RemissionPossible family!

There are all sorts of ways for you to get involved.

Our Gift Box project is on the rise and set for big things in the future.

We like hearing about people knitting- could you fashion up some cool designs for us?

We love hearing about fundraising, whether it be for one of our loved charities or not.

We super love educating young people, public speaking, and generally getting the word out there about teenage cancer and the symptoms, the power of young people to make a change in their community doing charity work and the lifesaving awesomeness we all contain.

The thing we love the most? Actual life saving. We have an enormous passion for opening peoples eyes to the fact they could become a lifesaver and one of our heroes by joining the Stem Cell (bone marrow) Donor registry and potentially give someone with blood cancer their life back.
This passion is now our driving force because, after recently relapsing, Emily will need a bone marrow transplant.
Giving blood is also highly recommended!

Now browse around and find out a bit more about us, and help #makeRemissionPossible

  1. Hello Emily! You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep on fighting the good fight. May you have strength, courage and wisdom to deal with all of this. I know you will win over this condition. Cheers!


  2. you’ll be just fine Emily- get well from N.C. USA


  3. Stay strong in thought and spirit and it’ll help you through this physically challenging but fantastic treatment Emily. I stayed in the room with my husband when he had his BMT for leukaemia – that was 11 years ago and he’s still well! You can do this, keep sight of the wonderful events you wish for your future and how much you’re loved by all those closest to you. :)


  4. It’s amazing what they can do for NHL these days, there has been so much medical advancement. My husband had a donor stem cell transplant 2 years ago and is doing very well. It’s not an easy road but you can do it! We’re full of gratitude to selfless donors who perhaps don’t even get to know that they saved a life. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Bev


  5. christopher cocks

    i would like to try and check if i could help but the problem is that i am maltese and its not possible to register to the Anthony Nolan donation. My Grand was Welsh. I send my best wishes.


  6. Hi Emily,
    I joined the Anthony Nolan register today after reading your story, I hope that I can donate soon. Thank you for nudging me into doing something I should have done ages ago. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that your match is found soon x


  7. Like Alyson below I was too old for the Anthony Nolan register, but Delete Blood Cancer will take us oldies upto age 55 – so I registered there!


  8. Emily I want you to know my mum had an (unrelated donor) bone marrow transplant for burkitts NHL. She has been in full remission for 12 years. This will be you too. Stay strong xxx


  9. Hi Emilly, I’ve just found out that you have relapsed, & now you need a stem cell transplant, probably from an unrelated donor, I was very sorry to hear that, but know that a donor Will be found for you, you’ll get through the treatment, & be well again, good luck with the treatment over the next few months, don’t worry about Christmas, because you’ll have many many more, lots of love, Lawrence Trace


  10. Karen Fotheringham

    Emily – I’m really sorry that I’m unable to register as a donor, due to the medication that I’m taking, but my husband has registered., and it’s all down to you!! Fingers crossed you find a match soon x


  11. Hi Emily. Followed your blog from the outset and wanted to help. Just tried to register with Anthony Nolan but I’m too old!!!!!!!! Any other way I can help you just shout. Mrs jones xx gwent music


  12. Wow, what a story Emily. Just seen and read the South Wales Argus piece and the details on the website links, thank you for sharing this with everyone who looks at the Argus. You are an inspiration to me and no doubt to others as well and I do wish you and your Mum and your family well. Just signed up for the stem cell testing. Love and best wishes and thoughts from me (Andrew) and my two daughters. xxx


  13. Good luck and you are doing remarkable things. As the father of a 7 year old who endured 3.5 years of treatment for Leukaemia you have my heartfelt support


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